Pricing Report (in Portuguese)

Essential for the effective management of your portfolio in terms of rates.

Monitoring of pricing strategy of 41 different cards from issuers that represent over 90% of the market.

On monthly basis, you will learn about the pricing strategy of each issuer in terms of:

  • Annual Fee / Fee of invoice issuance
  • Cash withdrawal fee
  • žRe-issuance fee
  • žFee to use “Pagamento de Contas”
  • žOverlimit Fee
  • žRevolving credit interest  rate
  • Total effective cost  according to issuer
  • Total effective cost calculated by CardMonitor
  • Cash withdrawal interest rate
  • žEffective withdrawal cost calculated by CardMonitor
  • Fee to pay invoice in installments
  • Interest rate for invoice payment in installments
  • žEffective cost of invoice payment in installments calculated by CardMonitor
  • žLost or stolen card insurance
  • žForeign currency exchange rate

Special studies

  • Minimum payment
  • žCredit limit raise
  • žInterest rates in non typical months (ex. February)
  • Lost or Stolen Card Insurance
  • International Cash Withdrawals
  • žCharged fees by issuers
  • žThe most complete statement/invoice
  • žAnalysis of Call Centers of Cards from AVR to Human attendance
  • Comparison of the cash limits in relation to total limit
  • Policy of credit limit raises of issuers