Card Profitability Report (in Portuguese)

Learn how to calculate the profitability of credit cards according to card type and version:

žPrivate label, hybrid, or credit card in the Classic Local, Int’l, Gold and Platinum versions Excel sheet accompanies to simulate results using over 50 variables in 10 years timeframe.

Main topics

  • žProfitability of Accounts of the same vintage
  • žProfitability of a Portfolio
  • žProfitability by  Product
    • —Conventional credit card
    • —Hybrid card
    • —Private label (store card)
  • žProfitability by version
    • Local  Domestic
    • International
    • Gold
    • Platinum
  • žSensitivity analysis
  • žAttachment: Glossary and definitions
  • žExcel sheet for 10 year result forecast

Main benchmarking indicators

  • —Segmented by product (credit card, hybrid, PL)
  • Segmented by version (domestic, international, Gold and Platinum)
  • —Cancelation by the cardholder
  • —Cancelation by the issuer – credit issue
  • Number of cards per account
  • —% of activation
  • —Annual spending by card
  • —% propensity to finance / revolve
  • —Financed volume per card per year
  • —% credit loss over receivables
  • —Mix of revenues per card
  • —Processing cost per card
  • —Customer service cost per card
  • Card acquisition cost per approved account
  • —Credit analysis cost per approved card
  • —Fees paid to payment networks
  • Expenses with incentive plans