Credit Card Lauch Programs Guide (in Portuguese)

Main topics

  • žThe History of Credit cards in Brazil
  • žPlayers of the Ecosystem and main types of cards
  • žMarket evolution, market share and main indicators
  • The partnerships between Banks and Retailers and the business models
  • žPayment networks in Brazil
  • žCompetitive differentials of Brazilian Processors
  • žThe main processes: Card issuance, authorization, processing, customer service, collection, žMarketing, Portfolio Management and pricing
  • Loyalty program: cases studies
  • žProfit dynamics of different types of cards
  • žComparing revolvers and transactors in a timeframe of 10 years


Main indicators for benchmarking

  • ž% de activation by  consumption segment
  • ž% of  sales at  retailers with their own store cards
  • žAnnual spending per segment
  • žApproval rates by sales channel
  • Acquisition cost by sales channel
  • ž% de activation of the new account by channel
  • žMix of transactions: cash, purchases, payment in installments
  • Authorization approval rates
  • žCall center indicators