Card Index (in Portuguese)

Mapping of the Brazilian credit card market

The unique report in Brazil that maps and compares the card features of over 300 versions of credit card and private label (store cards) available in the Brazilian market.


  • Printed report with the main highlights on analysis and conclusions.
  • A filter system that allows quick comparisons among the cards based on the desired feature.

New customer acquisition policy

  • Minimum income
  • Annual fee (cardmember and additional card)
  • Number of installments of the annual fee
  • Distribution channels (phone, branch or website)
  • Promotion or bonus for card acquisition

General characteristics

  • Revolving credit (offer or not)
  • Number of installments of purchase offered by the card Issuer
  • Fee of cash withdrawal in Brazil and abroad
  • Number of installments for the payment of the invoice
  • Fee to pay public tariffs
  • Fee to pay invoices of other credit cards

Loyalty programs

  • How to earn and accumulate points
  • Enrollment fee
  • Annual fee of the program
  • Fees to redeem points
  • Accumulating points either by CPF or card
  • Possibility to anticipate points
  • Catalog options
  • Expiration of points

Additional Services

  • On line invoice
  • Vip lounges at airports
  • Special lounges for meetings
  • Promotions / partnerships with merchants

Insurance sold through the card

  • Lost and theft
  • Luggage
  • Life
  • Lenders
  • Accident
  • Home

Services offered by the payment brands according to card version

  • Multiassistance
  • Unemployment
  • Car assistance
  • Travel insurance
  • Hospital
  • Others